Fresh CoffeeWorth Drinking

Every cup of our high quality coffee starts with locally sourced ingredients. We use local groundwater along with an Italian water softener. We use only freshly roasted coffee from local roasters and we grind beans just before making each drink. Stale coffee is a no-go for us. Enjoy truly fresh coffee.

Cup of Alla d’Oro coffeeOUR SIGNATURE DRINK

Our signature cup of Alla d’Oro coffee is like sipping a cloud. Fresh double espresso shot with perfectly foamed Organic Bio Soya milk gives a unique taste of coffee along with amazing nutty notes. Pick from lighter roast, darker roast or decaffeinated coffee variations.

My PromiseTo You

Always fresh. Only 100% Arabica. Grinded just before making any coffee you love. Once you try it, our coffee will be a blissful addition to your everyday morning routine.

Located in the charming Uhřice u Kroměříže

Just a 5-minute drive from D1 or from Morkovice, 15 minutes from Kroměříž or Vyškov. We are located in the center of Uhřice opposite to the Uhřice Castle entrance.

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